Health services for children with SEN aged 0 to 4

The NHS checks the health and development of all children aged from birth to four. Screening and immunisation, and programmes such as the Healthy Child Programme, work to identify any problems with your child’s development as early as possible.

On this page you can find out about the health services available for children and young people with all levels of special educational needs and disabilities.

Health services for all children

  • After your child is born (or you come to live in Newham) a health visitor will come to your home to assess your child to find out his or her health needs.
  • At six to eight weeks your GP will also check your child’s health.
  • When your child is 12 to 16 weeks old, the health visitor will offer you another assessment at a clinic.
  • At one year old and again at two to two-and-a-half years old the health visitor will check your child again to see how things are going.
  • If you are not available for these checks, the health visitor will ring you or contact you by letter within 28 days of the clinic appointments to find out why.
  • Just before your child starts school (aged four) the team may send you a health questionnaire which will give you the chance to mention about any problems.

You might get these services:

  • At homoe
  • At a clinic
  • At  groups arranged by the NHS

These services are paid for by the NHS.

Find your local GP surgery, using NHS Choices.

Health services for children with additional needs

For children with additional needs, the aim is to start support as early as possible if needed.

he extra services your child may get include:

  • extra time and more regular checks from your health visitor, depending on need
  • more advice and support from a child development centre or other specialist services to support your child’s special educational needs or disability
  • other advice or support which will vary depending on how complex your child’s needs are, but could include sessions with a physiotherapist or speech and language therapist, who will set exercises to do at home.

You might get these services:

  • at home
  • at a child development centre or your GP surgery
  • at a group arranged by the NHS.

Health services for children with complex SEN and/or a disability

A small number of children and young people have more complex health needs and/or disabilities which mean they need a lot more support from the NHS.

The services your child may get include:

  • home carers
  • more intensive speech and language therapy or physiotherapy services
  • mental health services
  • access to specialist equipment which your child can use at home, for example ventilators, suctioning or tube feeding.

You migt get these services:

  • at home
  • at a child development centre or your GP
  • at a group arranged by the NHS
  • in hospital.

These services are paid for by the NHS.  

Some children and young people need a special package of care (called continuing care) because of their disability, an accident or illness. Newham Clinical Care Commissioning Group (CCG) is responsible for this care.  

If you think your child might qualify for NHS continuing care, write to:

NHS Continuing Healthcare Lead for Newham

North and East London Commissioning Support Unit

75–77 Worship Street


Tel: 020 3688 1000

Personal health budgets

If your child qualifies for NHS Continuing Care you can ask for a personal health budget. If you get your budget via a direct payment then this money can paid to you by the NHS to buy the health services your child/young person needs. It gives you more choice and control over the support you get.

Newham CCG can tell you more about personal health budgets

Information, advice and support

Local Healthwatch offers advice and guidance to parents and carers about available health services. 

Complaining about health services

A complaint is one way for an organisation to learn lessons from its mistakes and to prevent them from happening again.

To find out how to complain, go to the Complaints page on Newham CCG’s website.

Try to make your complaint as soon as possible and ideally within a year of the event.