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What is the Norfolk Directory?

The Norfolk Directory aims to provide residents and families with information, advice, services and activities across Norfolk. We also provide information which supports the Local Offer, Care Act and Childcare Act.

Is there something missing?

We are always working to improve the Directory. Use our contact form to let us know if there are any services or organisations that you think should be included.

How to get listed

Listing your services or activities in the Norfolk Directory is a great way to tell the Norfolk community about what you do and what you can offer.

We welcome submissions from local providers and organisations, and we include information about any clubs, activities, advice and support services which help Norfolk people lead active, healthy and fulfilling lives. We also list all Ofsted registered childcare providers in Norfolk, using data supplied directly from Ofsted.

Check our categories and, if your service or activity is right for the Directory, register for an account. You can then apply to include a listing. Once we’ve approved your application, you can login and add your information to the Directory.

If you have any queries, please contact us.

A note for healthcare and childcare providers

Information also comes into the Directory from HeronCQC and Tribal systems, and is kept up to date at those sources.

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