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You Said ... We Did

We are continually working with parents, young people with SEN or Disabilities and organisations to improve your Local Offer.  

We would love to hear what you think about this website. All feedback is viewed and will be used to enhance our directory.   If you would like to suggest improvements or additional features please use the contact us link.

You Said

We Did

Can you create a link school's Local Offer documents on their websites.

We did this.

Parents need to know if day nurseries and childminders cater for children with disabilities.

We wrote to all childcare providers and asked them to provide details of their local offer, which have now been published.

We need information on auxilliary aids.

We improved our keyword search for this.

The youth club we go to is not on the website.

We added this.

When I googled Middlesbrough's Local Offer it wasn't first on the list.

We investigated this.  The  LO which was first on the list was a paid for advert.  Middlesbrough's was first underneath this.

UPDATE:  Middlesbrough's Local Offer is now first on the list.

Support available if you are going to university should be on the LO

We added information about the Disabled Students' Allowance.

I can't view the site on my tablet or phone.

We have re-built the site and you can now access it on mobile devises.

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