Adding your service to 'Help and Support Manchester'

To keep the directory as up to date as possible, we ask that organisations and services register, to allow you to either create a new entry or take ownership of an existing entry and update it as and when you need to.

If you notice something out of date that isn't related to you, please let us know using the contact form.

*Please always check your service is not listed first by performing a keyword search. If it is already there, please use the 'taking ownership' guidance below*

Registering and adding your service to the directory

If you would like your service featured on the directory, please register an account.  Input the details requested and follow the instructions to add your service to the directory.

Once you have submitted the information, it will usually be approved and published within 2 working days.

Taking ownership of/updating an existing entry

If your service is already listed on the directory, please do the following:

1. Register an account.

2. After you have signed in for the first time, locate your entry by using a keyword search and scroll to the bottom.  You will find a link to contact us about the record using the "Is the information on this page correct? If not, please let us know." button. Ask us to be given ownership of the record. 

3. Once the request is approved (usually within two working days), you can sign back in and you will see that the entry is there to update.  

4. Make any changes and submit for approval.

If you need any support, please email and we will be happy to assist.


Is the information on this page correct? If not, please let us know.