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About Liverpool Youth Service

Liverpool Youth and Community Service caters for the needs of children and young people in the age range of 5-25 years old. Locally the Youth Service sector prime focus is on those children and young people age 11-25 and the Play Service covers 5-14. The Youth Service gives priority to 13-19 year olds which is the requirement of national government.

The Youth Service works to provide learning opportunities programmes, for all young people it comes into contact with.

The service provides educational, social and recreational opportunities which are based on what young people want and that are accessible, stimulating, affordable and of good quality.

Services are provided through partnerships with the voluntary sector, Connexions and other agencies. Services are provided in a variety of settings such as youth and community centres, projects, outreach, detached and through mobile facilities. Search for activities.

Some of our aims

  • The Youth Service works to ensure that new and existing resources are utilised to maximise young people's access to the best facilities in their locality. 
  • To reduce the number of disadvantages children and young people face by working for the elimination of all forms of discrimination and the promotion of safe and cohesive communities. 
  • To ensure that young people are empowered to participate effectively in making and influencing decisions affecting them and their community. Find out ways to get involved.
  • To promote diversity and create equality of opportunities for young people in a variety of settings.
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