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Community Paediatrics United Lincolnshire Hospitals

Community paediatrics in Lincolnshire is part of a combined children’s service provided by United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust.

The community paediatric service provides a secondary service for children referred from primary care, hospital and community health professionals, schools and the local education authority when there are concerns about a child’s development, behaviour or educational needs.

It is consultant led and doctors generally work within defined geographical patches. All are encouraged to have specific areas of interest/responsibility. Children are seen in a variety of settings i.e. clinic, school, hospital or home.

There is close working with schools, Lincolnshire children’s services (education and social care) and other health colleagues. There are well-established links with the Child and Adolescent Mental Health teams.

Child development clinics operate in Boston, Grantham and Lincoln involving multidisciplinary professionals and provide opportunities for joint assessment and coordination of services for children with more severe or complex developmental disabilities.

Specialist clinics are also held for children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in the community and for children with hearing impairment at the local district general hospital.

The community paediatric service also provides statutory support to Lincolnshire children’s services in relation to children with special educational needs and children being placed for adoption.

New Community Paediatric Referral Process – Schools


From January 2022, a new referral process has been put in place for the Lincolnshire Community Paediatric Service to help reduce the number of referrals rejected due to lack of detail and ensure children are placed consistently and fairly onto the appropriate pathway and in a timely manner.


  • Schools are expected to be the primary source of most referrals into the service. Schools are best placed to know the child's needs, and how these impact on their behaviours within school and at home. We have engaged with schools through workshops and communications to ensure they are aware of this.
  • Lincolnshire GPs are being asked to re-route children, young people (CYP) and families to their schools for them to lead on making referrals to Community Paediatrics. For pre-school age children (0-4 years), GPs should inform the parent/carer to speak to a Health Visitor (01522 843000) and/or their Early Years Setting who can offer advice, support and signposting; or will support a referral to Community Paediatrics if appropriate.
  • If a CYP is out of education, referrals can be made by a Health Visitor or Children and Young People’s Nurse (01522 843000) or a GP can make the referral if necessary.
  • GPs will still make referrals into the service for CYP moving into area with a known need/diagnosis requiring follow up and babies/toddlers with complex medical/health needs, including genetic syndromes.


New School Referral Forms

  • The new, simplified referral forms will be the only form accepted for schools making a referral into the service from January 2022. Submitting a referral in an alternative format will result in the referral being returned and will lead to a delay in CYP accessing a service. Once fully completed, these forms should be emailed to


Who to contact

Lincoln County Hospital (01522) 512512
Boston Pilgrim Hospital (01205) 364801
Grantham and District Hospital (01476) 565232
ULH Community Paediatrics
Local Offer

Local Offer

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