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Normanby Hall Country Park

The Country Park:

The three hundred acres of parkland and woodland at Normanby have something to offer every day of the year. Experience the changing seasons from carpets of snowdrops and daffodils in spring to spectacular rhododendrons in summer and glorious leaf colour in autumn. 

The Deer Park:

The deer park has been home to herds of red deer (Cervus elaphus) and fallow deer (Dama dama) for around 250 years. You are welcome to walk through the public area of the deer park from January to the end of September, although we ask that you stay out of the deer sanctuary and the fishing lake area.

The red deer, the largest land animals to be found wild in Britain, are easily recognisable with their reddish-brown coats. The shyer fallow deer have pale beige coats, spotted with white.

In October you can hear the male deer roar and clash antlers when the dominant male tries to keep all others away from his females during the mating period. The males lose their antlers around March, so you can see the new ones developing through until August. The young are born in June and July when the mothers find a quiet spot to give birth. Throughout the summer you will see the youngsters running around the deer park.

Please note that there is no public access through the deer park during October, November and December.

The Woodland:

The woodland contains superb mature beeches, oaks and sweet chestnuts. There are also more unusual species like the Tulip Tree and the Handkerchief Tree. Close to the Hall is a magnificent Evergreen or Holm Oak, Quercus ilex. The tree is a rarity this far north and its lower branches are worn smooth by the generations of children playing on it. You'll also find dozens of species of birds, butterflies and wild flowers in the woodland and in autumn, unusual types of fungi.

A path has been installed through the woodland to make the area accessible for wheelchairs and pushchairs.

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01724 720588
Normanby Hall Country Park

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Normanby Hall
Normanby Park
DN15 9HU

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