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2. Attachment

An attachment disorder is when you can't form lasting relationships and/or show genuine emotion for another person.  This is caused typically by "physical or mental abuse within the first three years of the child's life".  The initial abuse makes it extremely difficult to have a loving relationship with the mother/father or care givers.  Traits of this disorder include an extreme lack of trust and/or for the person to act without a conscience.  It has also been known to be caused by:

  • The mother smoking, taking drugs and/or drinking during pregnancy;
  • Neglect, such as not being there for the child when it cries;
  • Death of mother;
  • Long stretches of time in hospital;
  • Continuous physical pain, for example, long lasting ear aches;
  • Depressed mothers;
  • Failed adoptions

The most common problem is for the child to have a behavioural issue.  This is because the child does not trust others and therefore struggles with authority and the rules which it sets in place.  The distrust of authority is not only behavioural, as it can lead to learning difficulties as they distrust teachers, too, and creates a cycle of continuously falling behind.  Furthermore, the lack of trust also affects the child's social life and isolates the child, which can lead to depression and low self-esteem.

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Emotional Health and Wellbeing
How Can I Help Myself Cope with Attachment
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