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Applying for Housing

1. Housing 2. Applying for Housing

2. What is Social Housing?

When you are in the postion to look for housing your leaving care worker may mention social housing also known as council housing.  However, due to current shortages it is more common that young people will rent from the private sector.


Applying for housing

You apply through your local disctrict council:

Each district council will have its own rules and you will have to join a waiting list.  Please be aware even on a waiting list you are not guaranteed to get a property.


What age can I apply?

You can apply if you're 18 or over.  Some councils MAY allow you to apply at 16 for the following reasons:

  • You are an offender and a referral has been made to the Housing Register Team by the Youth Offending Team or Children’s Services;
  • You are in the care of Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) or a care leaver;
  • You have had a Section 17 (Children’s Act 1989) statutory assessment and it has been identified that you are in danger of homelessness;
  • You have been referred from supported accommodation by one of the district council partner agencies;
  • You are owed the full statutory homeless duty;
  • You are pregnant and unable to remain in your current accommodation due to overcrowding (once baby arrives) or are in danger of homelessness.  In this case, you will be referred to supported accommodation by the housing options team.


Waiting lists

Each council will decide who gets offered a property based on 'points' or 'banding' system. 

Points and banding are based on your housing need.  You are more likely to get housing first if you are:

  • Homeless;
  • Living in cramped conditions;
  • Living in a property that makes a medical condition worse. 

Once you are high enough on the list, your council will contact you about any available properties.


Choosing a property

Once you are high enough on the list then the council will contact you.  Each district may do the next stage differently but they should let you know. 

But, generally:

  • A housing list will be made available - this will list all available properties in your area and the conditions, i.e one bedroom;
  • You bid on the property online or via telephone;
  • Where a property has been advertised and no bids have been received, the property may then be allocated on a first come first served basis, providing that the applicant meets the eligibility criteria.


Getting an offer

Normally, you only have a short time to accept a housing offer.  If you don’t accept it, you can usually stay on the waiting list (or bid for other properties), but you may be put lower down the list.

You may be taken off the list temporarily if you keep rejecting offers.

You can appeal if you’re not happy with your council’s decision. You can get legal advice for appealing decisions from Citizens Advice, and you can begin the appeal process by speaking to either your district council or your housing association.

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