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The National Autistic Society (NAS) Autism Seminars for Families

These seminars provide information and advice to parents and carers whose children are between the ages of 5 and 16, and have a diagnosis of autism. You do not have to attend all three seminars but can choose to apply for the ones most applicable to your own situation. Each seminar runs from 9.30 - 2.30 with a short break for lunch.

Seminar on 'Understanding Autism'
This is for parents or carers whose child has received a recent diagnosis of autism, or for those parents or carers who have not been able to access any other courses, such as NAS EarlyBird Plus.
This seminar will help families to:
• Develop an understanding of autism
• Discuss experiences of getting a diagnosis
• Identify how autism can affect families
• Explore practical ideas for developing communication strategies
• Clarify support that families may be entitled to and ways to access it

Seminar on 'Managing Anger'
This is for parents or carers whose child has a diagnosis of autism and is experiencing difficulties managing their emotions, which in turn can lead to difficulties with anger, anxiety, distressed behaviour and meltdowns.
This seminar will help families to:
• Get a better understanding of how we react to distressed behaviours and anger
• Gain information about using a low arousal approach
• Explore practical ideas to help you and your child learn to manage anger, anxiety, distressed behaviours and meltdowns

Seminar on 'Sensory Needs'
This is for parents or carers whose child has a diagnosis of autism and who would like more information on sensory differences that their child may be experiencing.
This seminar will help families to:
• Gain a better understanding of sensory processing
• Explore how sensory differences may affect your child
• Share strategies and approaches to help your child's sensory needs

For more information and an application form please contact:

The Educational Psychology Team
Eastfield House, Eastfield Road, Louth, LN11 7AN
Tel: 01522 553554 — Email:

or visit our webpages for a downloadable version of the application form, and also to find details of when and where the next seminars are taking place.

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