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Ask SALL - Support services for settings

What is the SALL?

The SEND Advice Line for Lincolnshire (SALL) is an early advice line targeted primarily at SENCOs to help and support meeting the needs of children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) as early as possible, in the most appropriate way.   SALL is not a referral process or shortcut to services but enables an early conversation to help guide through the Graduated Approach.

 SALL aims to give early advice when SENCOs have concerns regarding, for example, a pupil's academic progress, social and emotional progress (behaviour) or perhaps transition concerns. 

What do I need to do before contacting the SALL?

If your enquiry is regarding an individual, to help SALL support the enquiry as efficiently as possible things to think about before contacting SALL include; what is the behaviour in classroom like? Is this different at home? What could be driving it? Has the child or young person experienced trauma, loss or significant adversity? What are the child’s strengths e.g. are they more confident in some subjects or learning situations than others? What are your most pressing concerns?

How can the SALL help me?

SALL will allow SENCOs and other educators to discuss concerns at an individual or whole school level and advice will be firmly grounded in the evidence base, supporting settings in providing high quality early intervention.

A SALL keyworker will direct you to the most appropriate service/s, help support completion of the Valuing SEND Tool, or put you in touch with an experienced professional.

The SALL delivery model can be seen within the Downloads section of this page.

How do I contact the SALL?

The on-line form accessed below allows a specific time for call-back to suit diary commitments. 

Please note:  Once opening the form it will 'time out' after 10 minutes of non-use – the form has purposefully been kept as simple as possible to prevent this from happening. 

SALL can be accessed by completing a short on-line form giving a brief description of the issue – use the link below to open the form, or by phoning our dedicated phone line 01522 553199 Monday to Friday 09:30-16:30


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