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Simple Science Activities at Home- Imperial College London


We have sourced and handpicked our favourite science activities for you to do at home during the lockdown. Some of these will be ideas we’ve come up with, others are from organisations that we think are great. This week we are going to explore origami frogs with the Natural History Museum, make playdoh Aliens and try out some engineering challenges.

  •  Make a Jumping Frog (5 + years)

All you need for this activity from the Natural History Museum is a piece of square paper to make a jumping frog. Why not get creative and colour it in as well? If you don’t have square paper this video  shows you how to make an easy paper square. Origami often uses square paper, so once you know how to make a square you can do lots of other projects too.

Try researching different frog species and colour in your frogs to match. Although in the UK lots of frogs are green, many frog species are very brightly coloured, particularly the ones that are poisonous like in this video.

  • Make Some Noise (7 + years)

Making instruments is a great way to explore the physics of sounds, get creative and make something you can play. The Design Museum have great videos showing you how to make a banjo, castanets and a spin drum. Experiment with different materials to try different sounds and see what kind of noises you can make.

The Design Museum has lots of other great activities that you can check out. We’ll be highlighting our favourites over the next few weeks.

  •  DIY playdoh (3 + years)

Making playdoh is not only fun, but is also a great way for young children to develop a variety of skills through learning to measure, pour and mix – all things our scientists do daily! There are lots of recipes online, but we like this one as it’s very simple and doesn’t involve any cooking. You just need salt, water, flour and food colouring.

 Once you have made your playdoh, here are a few ideas to get started:

  •  Make your favourite animal out of playdoh and research three cool facts about your animal.

  •  Make an alien and imagine what kind of planet it would live on.
  • Make a scary monster and write a story about it.

When you use playdoh you can always add paper, card and other materials to your designs to really bring it to life!

  •  Dyson Engineering Challenges (8 + years)

Lastly, here are five challenges from the Dyson Foundation, including making a marble run and a boat, that all help develop engineering skills. These challenges introduce young people to the exciting world of engineering, encouraging them to think differently, make mistakes and realise their engineering potential. 

Lots of these challenges just need cardboard, tape or glue. If you do complete any of these challenges please do let us know by emailing us your pictures or tweeting us @InventionRooms.



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