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The Stephen Wiltshire Centre

Outside Play Opportunities
Qualified first-aider on site
Sensory toy library available
Sensory room available
Sensory Play Opportunities
Suitable for an individual with hearing impairment
Changing room with changing bench and hoist
Sign Language Used
Changing room with changing bench
Wheelchair accessibile venue
Sign language interpreter available by arrangement
Service/Activity is free
Toilet suitable for wheelchair users
Baby changing facilities
Disabled parking available, restrictions may apply
Suitable for children and young people with SEND
Suitable for an individual with vision impairment
Communication aids, such as Makaton, are used

The Stephen Wiltshire Centre is a purpose-built specialist centre for children with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) and their families, who live in Hammersmith & Fulham. The Centre is named after Stephen Wiltshire; an artist who has autism and attended Queensmill School in Hammersmith. The Centre opened on the 12th March 2018.

This specialist hub is delivering a range of activities, information and support in partnership with local services and agencies - families can meet professionals and peers, as well as take part in family fun days, drop in advice sessions and short breaks including holiday schemes.

What is a Short Break? 

Events and activities

Duty Phone Line

The Stephen Wiltshire Centre operates a duty phone line is available for all Short Breaks enquiries, Integrated Key worker enquiries, Stephen Wiltshire Centre enquiries and general support and signposting.

To contact the duty line, please call 0208 753 4443 between 9.30am and 12.30pm, Monday to Friday.

Alternatively, we have an enquiries email address- 

Get involved

We want parents to be involved in the development of the centre. If you would like to give us any feedback, please contact us using the contact details below.

Any organisations wanting to run workshops, trainings, or surgeries for parents/carers or young people with SEND are welcome to use the centre too, please contact the centre for more information.

 Match Day Parking

A list of dates of Fulham FC's football matches can be seen by clicking this link. Match day parking restrictions apply on these dates in zones X and Y. To see a map of the parking zones times and charges, please click here.

**Please note that this service is available only to residents of Hammersmith & Fulham. If you are interested in visiting the Centre for any of the activities, events or services listed and you live outside of the borough of Hammersmith & Fulham, please contact your Local Authority who may be able to fund sessions for you to attend. Details of costs for non-H&F residents are available from

Who to contact

Contact Name
The Stephen Wiltshire Centre
 020 8753 4443
Related Service
Family Sunday Fun Days at The Stephen Wiltshire Centre
Under 5's Stay and Play at The Stephen Wiltshire Centre ( Currently running as a virtual group, due to Covid-19)
Advice and Information Service for Parents and Young People with SEND ( Virtual Support is currently being provided)
Pip Squeak! (for pre-schoolers with hearing loss)
Welfare benefits advice at The Stephen Wiltshire Centre

Where to go

The Stephen Wiltshire Centre
Queensmill Road

The Centre is located behind Queen's Manor Primary School, at the bottom of Queensmill Road. 

See a map of the centre here.

Local Offer

Local Offer Record `

We are proud to have been delivering services for over 3 years from the Stephen Wiltshire Centre.

  • We offer advice and information sessions, and an open advice line from 10am-3pm daily.
  • We work closely with other organisations to deliver infromation sessions about Welfare benefits, Inforamation, advice support service (IASS) about ECHP and school issues, and housing workshops. Other sessions are delivered by Parentsactive on a range of topics.
  • Stay and Play: You can come to the centre on Sundays as a family and use the facilities and speak to play workers about what support there is locally for you and your disabled child. These sessions also run on Fridays during school holidays. Check the programe for times of the Friday sessions.
  • These stay and play sessions are open access for families with a child with disability 0-18 and their siblings.
  • We also have separate Under 5 sessions for parent/ careers where staff will be available for conversations, information and advice these are on Mondays and Wednesdays, contact the centre for more infromation. .

Short Breaks Programme

We deliver short breaks to children after school, on Saturdays and during school holidays. Depending on the needs of your child this support may be able to be accessed without an assessment of their needs. Our approach to short breaks is:

  • We carefully plan activities to make them fun for children with a range of needs
  • We have staff recruited who are well trained and can meet the needs of children we support
  • The premises is fully accessible, with quiet spaces, hoists and sensory and other engaging toys
  • Families can visit and experience the centre at a stay and play sesion before using short breaks without parents present
  • We work closely with families to identify which children will work best together and where friendships might develop to ensure all children can have freedom within the space but also have any risks well managed

 The Core Offer (available without assessment)

  • If you are a H&F resident and your child is under age 18 and has a disability you may be able to use the core offer without an assessment.
  • The core offer is delivered by the Stephen Wiltshire Centre, Mencap or Action on Disability.
  • The offer from Stephen Wiltshire centre is 6 days during the 13 weeks of school holidays, and one after school club every other week.
  • For more infromation on this offer contact the centre.
  • Mencap and AOD can be contacted directaly about the offer they deliver.
  • For children under 8 support is considered on a case by case basis because until we are registered with Ofsted we are unable to support under 8's in the Stephen Wiltshire Centre short breaks sessions.

 Short Breaks Offer (via assessment)

  • For children/young people who have a short break offer (through assessment) a wider range of sessions may be available.
  • These include a higher level of after school or holiday provision and potentially Saturday support.
  • The choice of support is a decision between the family and allocated worker. This could be a Social Worker, Short Breaks Review Worker or Integrated Keyworker, who complete the assessment and request the support to be funded via a panel.

Share your feedback on this page

Please provide feedback on our website. Try to include any constructive suggestions for improvements and we will do our best to incorporate them.

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