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Voices of Youth at the Youth Take Over Day event

Young people in H&F took over the local offer website on Friday 23rd November. The voices of the group were heard. They said the website needed more images, games and content as well as better design for younger people.

The diverse group included 9 young people -- some with special needs and disabilities. The group came from the H&F Supported Internship programme, West London College and Latimer School as part of the council-wide Youth Take Over Day.

The work of the group will improve the local offer website for young people and inform the local offer logo, which the young people helped designed.

Young people interviewed said that, “The day was interesting and intriguing.”

Audrey Smith, one of the young people currently enrolled on the Supported Internship programme, added, “It has been a fun experience for all of us.”

This post was written by Audrey Smith, James Edwards, Joshua Yates and Filippo Maria Di Martino.


Publication Date:
23 Nov 2018

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