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There are a number of services available, both locally and nationally, to support families.

We are committed to supporting all parents who would like help, whatever their circumstances.


Parenting Skills Training – Triple P

As a key part of our strategy, Children’s Services and its partners in health, the voluntary sector and schools are training more people to deliver parenting skills training.

In H&F the usual model that we use is called the Positive Parenting Programme, also known as Triple P, but other kinds of support are available in different settings.

Every parent knows that the hardest job anyone can do is to bring up children. It doesn’t matter whether you are a single parent or a couple, you have plenty of family support or none, we all struggle at times to know how best to raise children to be happy, confident and respectful young people.

Find out about Triple P Parenting courses


The Parenting Services Coordinator

The Urban Partnership Group and H&F Children’s Services are working together to provide a parenting coordinator service for all parents who are interested in learning about parenting skills training.

Throughout H&F there are trained people who want to support you and we are training more people in all kinds of settings. The parenting coordinator can help you to find the right kind of support and point you in the direction of where to get advice.

For more details please contact the Parenting Services Coordinator on 020 7605 0800 or

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