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What is an Out of School Setting?

Funded through the Department for Education (DfE), Hammersmith & Fulham Council is currently offering free training, support and advice to local Out of School Settings.

An Out of School Setting (OOSS), is an institution or setting which provides tuition, training, instruction, or activities to children in England without their parents’ or carers’ supervision. This does not include schools or colleges registered by the Department for Education.

Some examples of OOSS are:

  • Tuition centres and supplementary schools (sometimes called complementary schools)
  • Extracurricular clubs or settings, e.g. ballot or music classes, drama or sports classes
  • Uniformed youth organisations, e.g. the Scouts and Guides, Cadet services
  • Open access youth providers, e.g. centre-based and detached youth work
  • Private language schools, including those for children coming from abroad
  • Religious settings which offer education in their own faith

Please note that there are many other types of OOSS in Hammersmith & Fulham that are not mentioned in the above list.

What H&F offer OOSS and the community

  1. FREE training – high quality sessions and workshops designed to keep young people and staff safe.
  2. Awareness workshops and advice for parents and carers, helping them make safe, informed decisions when considering using an OOSS
  3. The opportunity to register with our website and to publicise an OOSS offer to the community

Free training

Please see the training schedule below for OOSS in this area. This section will constantly be updated.

>> OOSS Training Schedule

For more information

Hammersmith & Fulham look forward to hearing from and working with the widest range of OOSS Providers and parents. Our overall aim is to ensure that we work together to keep our young people safe and make the most of the valuable opportunities OOSS offer to our community.

If you are a parent or carer, or an individual in the community, please get in touch and our team will do their best to support and assist you.


Phone: 07770343238

All of this information can also be found on our leaflets, which are available in English, Arabic and Somali below:

Our guides to employing a Private Tutor or using a Supplementary School can be found on our leaflets, which are available in English, Arabic and Somali below:

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