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Personalisation, Personal Budgets and Direct Payments

What is a personal budget?

Personalisation places people at the heart of the assessment and discussions about how they would like their services delivered, ensuring they have as much choice and control over the shape of their support as possible. It enables the provision of services tailored for each individual rather than providing a one-size-fits-all-package. The introduction of personal budgets is one element of a personalised approach to improving outcomes for eligible children/young people.

If you are eligible for support from the council then a personal budget allows you to spend the money allocated for that support in a way that best suits you, and to stay as independent as possible.

What are direct payments?

Direct payments are a part of personalisation, through delivery of funds on a pre-paid card, payments can be provided for regular weekly packages of care or for one-off purposes. When a person chooses to receive a direct payment for a weekly package of care the local authority agrees a certain number of hours’ direct payment they are to receive. Direct Payments can be used for an agency carer, carer employed by the family, or activities.

For comprehensive information, visit the Personal Budgets and Direct Payments on PeopleFirst.

Personal Budgets and Direct Payment Policy

Our new Direct Payment policy is being developed through an Implementation Focus group, which includes parent participation across both boroughs. We will soon have agreed this new policy after considerable research into what benefits families in our borough the most.

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