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What happens during a transition into adulthood period?

Transition is the term used to refer to the process of any young person (aged between 14 to 25) moving from Children's Services into Adult Social Care (ASC). If the young person has special educational needs, disabilities, health or mental health issues, they may be eligible for extra support in adulthood. The level of support varies based on needs.  

If you have special educational needs but not an EHCP (Education, Health and Care Plan)

You can:

  • speak with your school about your aspirations for the future, and how they can help you achieve them
  • talk with your family and any professionals supporting you about what you want to do when you are older
  • check out the local offer website (that you are on now) -- it has lots of information about education options for young people over 16 years oldgetting a job, and activities and events that you may be interested in 
  • check out the People First website which has lots of information for adults and can help you think about your future

If you have an EHCP

If you have an EHCP, at age 14 you will be allocated to a professional called 'Preparing for Adulthood (PFA) Keyworker (for 14-19 year olds)'. PFA Keyworkers will help you think about your goals for the future and ensure that these are reflected in your EHCP.

Your keyworker may come to your EHC annual reviews to help you plan for the future.

If you, your family or any professionals supporting you think you might need support in adulthood, they can request an assessment of your needs. Children who have a social worker from the Disabled Children’s Team or a SEND Service lead professional will be contacted to discuss having an adult social care assessment prior to turning 17. These assessments are completed for all young people by PFA Keyworkers based with the adult learning disability team.

If you are identified as potentially eligible for adult social care support, the PFA Keyworker will discuss with you and your family about what support you may need. They will also agree a plan to meet those needs after you turn 18.

The target is for all young people eligible for adult social care to have their package of support agreed and in place prior to them turning 18.

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