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Access and Engagement Service, AES, formerly Education Welfare Service, EWS

The Access and Engagement Service, AES, helps schools, children, young people and their families with school attendance, pupil engagement and attitudes to learning, safeguarding, children in employment or entertainment, children missing from education, educating children at home.

School Attendance The AES provides a statutory attendance service enforcing through the courts, parents' responsibility to ensure regular attendance at school.  Schools will support children and families when pupils are experiencing difficulties in school and these difficulties are disrupting their education.  If there is no significant improvement in the child’s attendance and/or punctuality patterns following this support, then schools will make a referral to AES for statutory action to be implemented.

In enforcing attendance, AES Officers have a variety of powers to help them ensure that parents of statutory school aged children meet their legal responsibility regarding regular attendance at school.  These powers include prosecution in the Magistrates’ Court under Section 444 Education Act 1996 and applications for Education Supervision Orders in the Family Proceedings Court under S36 Children Act 1989.  In addition, they can issue a school attendance order on a parent, requiring the parent to register their child at a school if their child is not receiving a suitable education, appropriate to their age, aptitude and ability. 

Child Protection The Principal Officer, Safeguarding in Education offers child protection and safeguarding advice to schools, including training for school staff and for designated members of school staff and governors with responsibility for child protection. The Principal Officer, Safeguarding in Education offers advice and support to schools in all areas of safeguarding children in education, including allegations against school staff.

Child Employment and Children in Entertainment The AES also discharges the authority’s responsibility to monitor child employment by issuing children’s work permits, entertainment licences and chaperone licences.

Who to contact

020 7527 3747


Upper Street
N1 1XR

Time / date Details

Opening times/date
Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm (Duty Line open from 11am to 3pm)

Other Details

Cost Details
Who is this service for?
Schools and parents of children of school age and children and young people of statutory school age.
Can I refer myself?
How to refer or apply

Schools make referrals through Pupil Services' Business Support Team. Parents and other practitioners can self-refer. Applications can be made via phone or email.

Additional Languages
Interpreting services are used as required.
Record updated: 26/09/2016