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Key Workers Childcare

From the week commencing 1 June 2020 the Government will be asking primary schools to welcome back children in Nursery, Reception, year 1 and year 6, alongside priority groups. They are also asking day nurseries and other early years providers, including childminders, to begin welcoming back all children.

We are currently working with our day nurseries, playgroups and childminders to see who intends to open from 1 June or thereafter.

If your child/ren were previously attending a childcare provider before COVID 19 and you wish to take up that place again, contact your provider directly to discuss this if they haven’t yet contacted you.

It is possible that some childcare providers:

  • Choose not to open at this time
  • Cannot open at this time due to premises restrictions
  • Have remained opened during lockdown for keyworker children and no longer have the spaces available
  • Will have to limit the number they take due to social distancing measures
  • Will make changes to their start and finish times or introduce processes for drop-off and collection times. 

Read the latest government guidance on the wider reopening for educational settings – Information for Parents and Carers

Day Nurseries and Pre-schools (Chiswick, Brentford and Isleworth)

KLYWORLD Early Years Centre (Day Nursery) (W3 8JY) Open: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Contact: 07436 533587, 020 8993 9998 Email Gunnersbury Sports & Social Club, Park Place Acton.

The Brentford Day Nursery and Pre-School (TW8 8BH) Contact: 0208 568 7561 Email:  St. Pauls Old School, Half Acre, Brentford SEND: Experience in supporting children with speech, language and communication needs (SLCN), Social communication Difficulties, Behavioural, Emotional and Social Needs and Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Devonshire Day Nursery (W4 2AH) Contact 020 8995 9538 Email:  Bennett Street, Chiswick SEND: Our team is very experienced in supporting and meeting the needs of children with a range of additional needs including speech, language and communication needs, social communication difficulties, developmental delay.

Childminders (Chiswick, Brentford and Isleworth)

Eileen Atkinson (W4 2BA) Contact: 020 8747 9108, 07939 286008 Email:

Saira Asghar (W4 2QL) Contact: 07823 446247 Email:

Susan Green (W4 1NL) Contact:020 8742 3730 Email: SEND: Has a personal understanding of epilepsy within my circle of friends, and has supported children with Food allergies and tube-feeding to administer fluids into the stomach

Kelly Gray (TW8 8NF) Contact 07817 857774 Email

Angela Jackson (TW8 9LZ) Contact: 07988 921268 Email:

Lisa Miles (TW8 8NH) Contact: 020 8797 0137 or 07933 707328 Email

Michaela East (TW8 8DQ) Contact: 07931 675094 Email 

Mary Tadros (TW8 0QE) Contact: 07815 925050 Email

Lubna Rahim (TW8 0LT) Contact: 020 8568 5082 Email:

Maxine Rogers (TW7 6TN) Contact: 07400 054054 Email: SEND: Has experience working with children with experience with Autism and Down Syndrome.

Pamela Cole (TW7 6JJ) Contact: 07786 031770 Email:  

Debra Jones (TW7 7PL) Contact: 020 8894 4959, 07940 516725 Email

Day Nurseries and Pre-schools (Hounslow, Cranford and Heston)

Kinderoos Pre-School and Nursery (TW5 0DG) Contact: 07982 159221 Email: 239 Great West Road, Hounslow. SEND: Staff have experience working with children with physical disabilities, speech and language delay, partial hearing impairment, autism, sensory delay

The Co-operative Childcare (TW4 7NS) Contact:  020 8572 2499 Email Website Chinchilla Drive. Hounslow. SEND: Staff have experience with supporting children with developmental delay, a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder, social communication difficulties, speech, language and communication needs.

Nursery on the Green (UB2 5RN) Contact: 020 8574 2667 Email Thorncliffe Road, Southall. SEND: Our setting has over 11 years experience of supporting children with SEND

Childminders (Hounslow, Cranford and Heston)

Vrushali Mane (TW3 4AY) Contact: 07526 642335 Email

Stephanie Brayley (TW3 2LF) Contact: 07794 209543 Email:  

Susan Wilson (TW3 3RW) Contact: 020 8797 6591, 07838 831751 Email:  

Penny Rixon (TW3 4LH) Contact: 07843 438436, 020 8572 4691 Email: SEND: Has experience of caring for a children with Speech and Language difficulties.

Leda Haddad (TW4 7QR) Contact: 07840 140933 Email: 

Sobia Khan (TW4 5AA) Contact: 07981 961807 Email: SEND: Has experience of caring for children with allergies such as asthma and assisting them with inhalers.

Maya Vyas (TW4 7EU) Contact: 020 3509 2863, 07745 567729 Email:

Ranbir Singh Jheeta or Hardeep (TW4 7LT) Contact: 020 8577 6181, 07775 409659, 07776 359324 Email SEND: Has experience of caring for a children with mobility and speech difficulties.

Bushra and Naghma Chaudhury (TW4 5BB) Contact: 07956 449646, 020 8582 9508 Email:

Mahnaz Mujahid (TW5 0EP) Contact: 07958 676586 Email:

Tara Holloway (UB2 5SR) Contact: 07425 173158 Email:

Day Nurseries and Pre-schools (Feltham, Bedfont and Hanworth)

George's Pre School (TW13 7EF) Contact: 020 8831 3035 Email Browells Lane, Feltham. SEND: Have experience working with children with Autism, Developmental Delay, Emotional and behavioural, Hearing impairment, Speech and Language delay, Physical disabilities, Visual impairment, Medical needs, Social and communication difficulties.

Childminders (Feltham, Bedfont and Hanworth)

Maysa Salman (TW14 8LL) Contact: 07809 674489 Email:

Samantha Yarrow (TW14 8AH) Contact: 07969 081745 Email: