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The Key – Gloucestershire’s Disabled Children and Young People’s Register

The Key

What is The Key – Disabled Children’s Register?

The register is a database that holds information about children and young people with
disabilities (birth to 25 years) who live in Gloucestershire.

Why do we have a register and what is it used for?

The Children’s Act 1989 requires us to keep a register.  The register helps us to plan and develop services for children and young people with disabilities in Gloucestershire.  In addition to planning, the register also helps us to involve and inform families as well as keep in touch and share news and information.

Why should I sign up to it?

The register is used as a means for us to keep families updated with any new developments.  Once you join The Key you will receive a newsletter during the year.  This includes information on local and national services, charities and events that are relevant to children and young people with disabilities and their families.  In addition to this, you may, from time to time be sent other information from Gloucestershire County Council that is relevant to you. 

Who can access information from the register?

The register is held within the Local Authority’s Family Information Service.  The information will be used primarily by them to keep you up to date with information about appropriate services for your family.  However, as a secondary use, the information may be shared with other council teams and partner agencies, to help them jointly plan services.  Registering with The Key will not affect any services or benefits that you currently receive, it will also not guarantee your child any additional services or benefits.

Do you have to register you child?

No, the register is voluntary.  Your child does not have to be on the register to receive services and support from health or social are.  You can request to have your child’s details removed at any time.

How do I sign up?

All you need to do is complete the required fields on this page and select contact us.  Shortly afterwards you will be sent a registration pack which you should sign and returned.  If you would like to know more please do not hesitate to contact us by telephoning 01452 427362.  For details on The Key Privacy Notice click here

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