Local Offer progress report 2016-17

On this page you can find out about the progress we've made updating the Local Offer following feedback in our annual review.


There were 68 374 views of the Local Offer between 1 September 2015 - 31 August 2016. This represents a drop from last year (84 933). The higher figure for last year may be due to the novelty of the site, but we do continue to market the Local Offer throughout the year.

As tablets and smart phones become more commonly used, The Local Offer has been updated to be easy to use on different types of electronic devises.

Currently usage stands at:

  • Desktop computer: 77%
  • Tablet: 20%
  • Mobile: 7%

What's new?

Working with our partners, we have:

  • Issued business cards for parents – so that parents can encourage voluntary organisations and businesses to self-register on the Local Offer
  • Produced posters for parents/carers and young people, circulated widely including through early years settings, schools and colleges
  • Developed a suite of leaflets and fact sheets for parents, which will be available on the Local Offer.
  • Published an area on the Local offer with information on the Local Area Inspection

Summary of feedback from our online questionnaire

  • 67% thought the site was easy to use
  • 78% thought the site was useful or very useful
  • 67% would recommend the site to others

We are currently working on individual areas of the Local Offer to make them easier to use, and ensuring the right information is there. These areas are the For Providers area and the Early Years section. We are also looking at how documents and information on processes is presented.

Feedback from Making Changes Together 

Making Changes Together (MCT) - the parent/carer forum for County Durham, found that many parents/carers had not heard of the Local Offer. However, when  parents/carers looked at the website, they generally thought it was good or very good.

Quotes from parent/carers

  • ‘It is easy to find what you are looking for as there are subsections’
  • ‘You can postcode search so you can find what is closest to you’
  • ‘It is easy to use but has lots of irrelevant information and not all entries are complete or up to date’
  • ‘Need more input from more agencies and support groups’

The new business cards to encourage voluntary organisations and businesses to self-register on the Local Offer should increase the number of agencies and support groups. We are also transferring information from the Locate website, giving more information for young people as they prepare for adulthood.

Annual Feedback Report 2016

This report shows how we are working with families and others in improving and developing the Local Offer.

2015 saw the first formal review of the Local Offer, following the process of setting up the website.  Our challenge now is to continue to improve and update the website, keeping it relevant to those who use it. 

In 2016 we have continued to use the ongoing feedback questionnaire on the Local Offer. Making Changes Together (MCT) gather feedback throughout the year, through their contact with parents and carers. We have also brought together the Local Offer Review Group, made up of parents/carers, representatives of education, health and care service and the voluntary and community sector in order to highlight issues and manage the process of review and action planning.

The Review Group identified the following areas to be developed:

  • The ‘For Providers’ page, which contains information about the graduated approach, including forms and guidance.
  • Early Years content – improving the way the information is presented and accessed.
  • Local Offer and Locate – making sure relevant information from the adult services website (Locate) is also on the Local Offer
    Youth Offer – completing the work started last year, following consultation
    Accessibility Strategy – the updated version needs to be put on the Local Offer
    Marketing – promoting the Local Offer more widely, specifically in schools and at a County level through a higher profile on the Durham County Council website.
    Out of school care for all ages – this was identified both as a shortage of services and as a yearly problem around exam times in secondary schools and colleges.

The Group have put together an action plan and will work through this over the next year.

We are committed to co-production with service users. If you would like to comment or be involved in developing the Local Offer, please complete our online feedback form.

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