Accidents and incidents - Ofsted requirements

Reporting an accident or incident to Ofsted

EYFS welfare requirements – safeguarding and promoting children’s welfare

EYFS states: the provider must take necessary steps to promote the welfare of children.  Within this welfare requirement it states:

Providers must notify Ofsted and Local Children’s Protection Agencies of any serious accident or injury to, or serious illness of, or the death of, any child whilst in their care, and act on any advice given. An early years provider who, without any reasonable excuse, fails to comply with this requirement, commits an offence.

If you should be in the unfortunate position of having to inform Ofsted about a serious accident to a child whilst in your care you will be asked, to provide Ofsted with the following information:-

• Date and time of the accident  
• Location and full description of the place the accident happened 
• Details of child/children involved  
• A full summary giving a picture leading up to the accident, what your / others actions were during the accident and what your / others actions were following the accident, details surrounding before, during and afterthe accident 
• What / if any first aid was administered 
• How long after the accident happened were parents informed?  
• Did parent complete and sign the accident form?  
• Was the child given any treatment in hospital or by a doctor? 
o If so, what form did this treatment take? 
o Has the child required any further treatment relating to the accident?
• Have you updated your risk assessment since the accident 
• Have you noted any changes you have / plan to make to prevent re-occurrence?

All accidents/injury/serious illness/death are dealt with by Ofsted’s Compliance, Investigation and Enforcement Team

The amount of information Ofsted require following such an accident highlights the importance for all practitioners to keep accident books, record forms, contact numbers (which you are required to have at all times within your home environment and when outside of this environment) and up-to-date and completed risk assessments.

You must notify Ofsted about:

• The death of a child whilst in your care, or later, as the result of something that happens while the child was in your care 
• Death or serious accident or serious injury to any other person on your premises (childcare register only) 
• Where a child in your care needs to go to an Accident and Emergency Department of a hospital (and requires hospitalisation for more than 24 hours), either directly from your provision or later, as the result of something that happened while the child was in your care  
• Any significant event that is likely to affect the suitability to care for children (see the childcare register regulations 2008, regulation 6, schedule 3, paragraph 26)  
• A child sustaining any serious injuries  

Ofsted define serious injuries as:

• Broken bones or a fracture 
• Loss of consciousness 
• Pain that is not relieved by simple pain killers 
• Acute confused state 
• Persistent, severe chest pain or breathing difficulties 
• Amputation 
• Dislocation of any major joint including the shoulder, hip, knee, elbow or spine 
• Loss of sight (temporary or permanent) 
• Chemical or hot metal burn to the eye or any penetrating injury to the eye 
• Injury resulting from an electric shock or electrical burn leading to unconsciousness, or requiring resuscitation; or requiring admittance to hospital for more than 24 hours 
• Any other injury leading to hypothermia, heat induced illness or unconsciousness; or requiring resuscitation; or requiring admittance to hospital for more than 24 hours
• Unconsciousness caused by asphyxia or exposure to harmful substances or biological agent
• Medical treatment, or loss of consciousness arising from absorption of any substance by inhalation, ingestion or through the skin 
• Medical treatment where there is a reason to believe that this resulted from exposure to a biological agent, or its toxins, or infected material   

Following a serious accident, injury or illness:

• Ofsted will visit your home and will expect to see specifically related information and for you to answer specific questions
• Your risk assessments showing full details of each risk assessment carried out will be scrutinised 
• How often you carry out risk assessments will be questioned 
• If a serious accident had taken place off-site the written permission from the child’s parents for their child to be in that place off-site will need to be seen 
• Do you take the relative risk assessment documentation with you every time you go off-site 
• Are emergency contact details taken with you every time you leave your home environment? 
• The copy of the accident report including all relevant signatures will be requested 
• Signed permissions for getting / giving emergency medical treatment for each child will be requested
• Attendance registers will be scrutinised 
• Constant and repetitive questions around how you keep children safe
For further information visit Ofsted

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