We offer ‘30 hours childcare for working parents’.

We are a 30 place setting for children aged from 2-5 years old, based within Seascape Children's Centre in Peterlee.

We provide full and part time daycare, sessional care, funded two year old and three year old places and are flexible within the hours of 8.00am - 3.45pm. Term time only.

In January 2020 Ofsted said that our nursery was once again outstanding!!! 

We will ensure that families are offered the highest quality care and education, by a team of dedicated practitioners who are fully qualified, experienced and highly committed to provide play and learning opportunities.

We provide a happy, friendly, safe and homely environment for each child, in order for them to thrive as individuals. By working in partnership with parents and establishing good relationships to meet the needs of their children, we can work together to build a strong foundation for learning to be built upon.

A clean, warm, stimulating and purposeful environment is provided, where children can independently access an extensive range of developmentally appropriate resources both indoors and outdoors.

Following children's interests and planning for child initiated experiences, whilst following the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS) provides your child with a solid foundation for future learning.

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To find out more about help with childcare costs please visit www.durham.gov.uk/childcarecosts

When is it on?

Session information
Monday to Friday 8.00am - 3.45pm
Am session 8.45am - 11.45am
Pm session 12.30pm - 3.30pm

Who to contact

Contact name
Kelly Walton
Contact position
Nursery Manager
0191 586 7767

Where to go

Ellison Road
County Durham

Other details

Cost description
Children 0-3 years
Full time - £170 per week
Full day - £37 per day
Half day - £21 per session (8.00am -1.00pm or 1.00 - 5.45pm)
Extra hours - £5.50 per hour

Children 3-5 years
Full time - £160 per week
Full day - £35 per day
Half day - £20 per session (8.00am – 1.00pm or 1.00 - 5.45pm)
Extra hours - £5 per hour

Sunshine Club: 4-14 years
Breakfast club - £5 per morning
After school club £9 per session (3.00 - 5.30pm), £10 per session (3.00 - 5.45pm)
Holiday club 8.00am - 5.30pm £22 per day (children need to bring a packed lunch).
Age range
6 weeks to 8 years old


Childcare availability
Closed bank holidays
Before school
After school
Free 3/4 yr places
Free 2 yr places
Will be providing 30 hours

Vacancy details

Immediate vacancies?
Other information
Please contact the nursery for available vacancies, as numbers are always changing.

Other details

School drop off/collection
Seascape Primary School
Shotton Hall Primary Schooll
Last Ofsted inspection grade
Ofsted report
Click here to view the latest Ofsted inspection report

Local Offer

Local Offer description

We are an inclusive setting and welcome all children regardless of any additional needs they may have. We have extensive experience of supporting a number of children with a wide range of special educational needs and disabilities.

Prior to your child beginning their learning journey with us, we will arrange a home visit which is designed for you to share any information with us that will ease the transition from home to nursery for your child. It also gives you the opportunity to discuss any concerns or worries you may have.

Your child may already have a diagnosis or a team of professionals who are supporting them. The nursery will become part of this team and strive for your child to reach their full potential, by liaising with yourself and the team to create a smooth plan for transition from home to nursery.

From the initial home visit, you will be introduced to your child's key person and room lead, your child will become part of a key family and will always have someone familiar to them at nursery. They will plan your child's learning by carrying out observations of them and assessing their learning and development according to the curriculum of Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

If your child is between 24 and 36 months, we will also be completing an Integrated Review jointly with yourselves and your child's Health Visitor. If we have any concerns, these will be discussed with you and the settings Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO), who will identify ways that your child can be supported both at home and in the setting.

We have created an amazing space which we call 'the haven' this space is a sensory room, a speech and language enrichment space, a space where occupational therapy sensory diets can be fostered with specialist equipment which we have purchased. A space where children can work on a 1:1 basis with staff using specialist resources to develop their cognition and learning, support their early play skills through Identi-play and relax if the noise of nursery becomes too much.

The SENCO can also signpost or refer with your permission to other services who may be able to support your child.

  • A member of staff has completed Makaton Signing Training.
  • Most staff have a Level 1 in Autism Awareness.
  • All staff are behaviour management trained. 
  • Most staff trained in ECAT, the every child a talker language programme.
  • Most staff trained in supporting children with Down Syndrome.
  • All staff follow the behaviour management policy.
  • Staff work closely with family workers health visitors and other professionals including Occupational Therapist, speech and language, Paediatricians and Educational Psychologist etc.
  • Two members of staff are trained in BLAST.
  • Staff provide SEN support plans and My Stories.
  • Our building is easily accessible with disabled bathroom facilities and wide doors.
  • Three members of staff provide weekly equine sensory therapy with groups of children in partnership with our local equestrian centre.
  • All staff have sensory training and work in close partnership with a visiting occupational therapist.
  • Excellent transitions between rooms or new settings carried out.
Contact name
Hayley Wright Senco
Contact telephone
0191 586 7767
Contact email

How does the early year's provision identify and assess children with special educational needs and disabilities?

How does the early year's provision identify and assess children with special educational needs and disabilities?

We are committed to the inclusion of all children. We believe that all children have the right to be cared for and educated to achieve the best possible outcomes, to share opportunities and experiences and develop and learn alongside their peers. This begins with a home visit to establish home to nursery transition.

Settling in sessions are held to build relationships with key people and key families.

We link with multi-agency teams to ensure that we have the most support ready for your child to start with them.

We believe that children should be able to access the nursery and the activities on offer as freely as possible.

The level of support that your child needs will be assessed on an individual basis, this could be high level support where your child needs one to one support from an adult throughout their time at nursery or they will have support at specific times such as transition times or in small group activities.

A support plan will be created by your child's key person, our SENCO and yourselves and any other professionals who are supporting your child. This plan will be followed daily and reviewed, added to, revised each term by The same group who created it. A copy of the plan will be given to you each time it is reviewed.

We understand that as parents, you often have to meet new professionals and share your child's story with them more than once.  We will create a 'My Story' which is a little book all about your child. The book shares your child's strengths and your hopes and aspirations for them. It also identifies areas where your child may need a little support and also professionals who are already working with them. The book is a working document that is owned by your child and can be added to at any time.

How will the curriculum be matched to meet children's developmental needs?

How will the curriculum be matched to meet children's developmental needs?

Here at The Sunshine Day Nursery at Seascape each child is planned for individually. Through regular observations of their interests and assessments of their learning, we establish where your child's learning and development is according to the curriculum of EYFS. Your child's key person and the SENCO can then plan your child's 'next steps' for learning.

Each term, we hold days where you are welcome to come into nursery, chat to your child's key person and discuss their progress. We are also happy to talk to you at anytime about your child - these can be informal or formal chats and can be on daily basis. You are also welcome to contact us by phone or email.

Every child has a learning journey story File which staff fill with stories about your child's learning, you are welcome to take this file home at anytime, can add to it with stories from home or sit and look through it with your child's key person to discuss next steps in learning. 

Home learning is high on our agenda and we have many resources that you are free to loan to support your child's learning at home. If your child is really interested in something at nursery, we could provide you with a home learning bag for you to continue this at home.

What specialist services and expertise are available at or accessed by the early years setting?

What specialist services and expertise are available at or accessed by the early years setting?

As well as our qualified SENCOs, there are a number of staff who have received specialist training including Autism Awareness, Down Syndrome Journals.

We work in partnership with many multi-agency therapists such as:

  • Speech and Language Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Educational Psychologists
  • Portage Workers

These workers are all experienced in their own fields and help staff to support your child in specific areas. We also work alongside the One Point Service who can provide support both in your own home and in the setting for you and your child.

Speech and language development is a high priority for us. We have many programmes that can be used on a daily basis to support your child with their speaking, attention and listening and understanding of language.

Children's wellbeing is a high priority. If your child is happy and content at nursery, then learning can begin. There are a number of policies we follow to ensure your child's needs are being met. There is a policy giving clear guidelines on administering medications and we will seek training for staff when children have specific needs such as requiring an epi pen or support on how to use mobility aids. Professionals would be asked into nursery to show staff how to use these pieces of equipment.

All of our staff hold first aid certificates, food hygiene and health and safety training.

There is a positive behaviour management policy to support children who may be having difficulties. There is also a range of resources/strategies to promote positive behaviour in the setting, such as behaviour charts, behaviour trigger sheets for the setting and at home and rewards and praise for good behaviour. All staff are aware of how to manage issues such as behaviour to ensure a consistent approach.

What training have the staff supporting children with SEND had, or are having?

What training have the staff supporting children with SEND had, or are having?

All staff have half termly supervisions as Key Families with the nursery manager and SENCO on how best to support each child in their family group.

The SENCO attends half termly SENCO business meetings with the council to get as up to date as possible on any new initiatives that are coming into practice for settings or to hear from professional on how best to support our children.

All staff have paediatric first aid qualifications.

The SENCO will work with you, your child's key person and any medical professionals to create an IMP Individual Medical Plan if your child needs to have long term medication, has a condition that could require immediate medical help like epilepsy or carry an epi pen for an allergy, we will then seek training for all staff to ensure everyone knows how to support your child fully before they come to us.

Staff have recently worked in partnership with The Hearing Impairment team and it's specialist therapists and teachers. The specialist speech and language therapist from the cleft palate team, specialists from the ASD team and are looking forward to fortnightly visits this coming year from a highly skilled occupational therapist who will be supporting children's sensory needs and diets in nursery.

Many staff have received a Level 1 in Autism training.

How accessible is the early years setting environment? (indoors/outdoors)

How accessible is the early years setting environment? (indoors/outdoors)

The centre is a modern, purpose built building based within a Children's Centre in the heart of the community. It has been designed to be fully wheelchair accessible. There are disabled parking bays in the car park, and disabled toilet facilities in the main building. 

Everything is on one level. If there are any issues that affect you or your child accessing the nursery, then please discuss this with us to ensure these arrangements are in place prior to your child starting nursery.

Should your child require specially adapted equipment for use within the nursery, we can arrange to access this equipment from Durham County Council for a bursary to purchase the much needed equipment.

How will the early years provision prepare and support my child(ren's) transition to their next educational establishment?

How will the early years provision prepare and support my child(ren's) transition to their next educational establishment?

When the time comes for your child to go to school, a meeting will be arranged between us, the school, yourselves and any professionals supporting your child.

We will discuss how we meet your child's needs and how we have been able to provide support for them. Transition support will be arranged where necessary to ensure the move goes smoothly. We will ensure the child's My Story is up to date if they have one, and will take your child on visits to their new school in the weeks leading up to the move.

If your child is transferring to a school where they will require transport, we will liaise with Durham County Council to support this and also put you in touch with Durham Special Educational Needs and Disability Information, Advice and Support Service for parents/carer's and their children.


Durham County Council's Families Information Service does not promote nor endorse the services advertised on this website. Anyone seeking to use/access such services does so at their own risk and may make all appropriate enquiries about fitness for purpose and suitability to meet their needs.
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