There are thousands of unpaid carers in County Durham providing care or support to a relative, neighbour or friend. Most people who are carers don't see themselves as carers, but as husbands, wives, partners, parents, sons, daughters, siblings or friends.

If you are an adult who provides care for another adult who needs care and support, then you are an adult carer. Parents caring for their child who is over the age of 18 are also adult carers.

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Get a carers assessment

If you're an unpaid carer for a relative or friend, you can now get your needs assessed to help you get support for your caring role. Find out how to get assessed. 

Adult carer assessment

If you are an adult carer, or a young adult carer you have a right to get your needs assessed:

  • if you appear to have needs for support, regardless of your level of need or your financial resources.
  • even if the person you care for has refused an assessment or services.
  • and even if the person you care for does not have eligible needs that can be met through social care.

Parent carer assessment

If you are a parent carer you are entitled to an assessment if:

  • you appear to have needs for support.
  • you ask for the council to assess your support needs.
  • the council is satisfied that your child and family are eligible to receive services.

Parent carers are also entitled to an assessment where it is likely that they will need support after their child turns 18 years of age. This assessment will consider adult care and support arrangements.

How do you get an assessment?

Durham County Carers Support will carry out an initial assessment and can refer you to the council if they are unable to provide you with the advice and support to meet your needs. You can also make a self-referral by contacting Social Care Direct.

Who to contact


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