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24, 27 & 28 October 2021
Programme your brain to think like a genius! It’s easy to assume that astonishingly creative people were born with brains wired to see things differently but what we forget is that every great artist and inventor learnt how to develop ideas. Join this 50-minute online…
01833 690 606
17 July - 31 October 2021
Meet Clara the rhinoceros. See, hear and even smell her! Find out why she was once the World’s most famous rhino. Discover why in 1738 Clara left her home in India to come to Europe. She was a worldwide sensation, inspiring people from far and…
01833 690 606
26 & 28 October 2021
Take part in this playful session exploring light and dark and create a moonlight scene with a variety of materials, inspired by our collection of paintings.
01833 690 606

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