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Thornhill is a small, village Primary School just outside Egremont. We are a passionate and friendly school and we are proud of the achievements of all of our pupils and staff when working together. We are firmly of the view that by working together we can achieve more for everyone. We go the extra mile to offer the very best we can – not only to pupils but to the whole community too. This means that we offer a range of extra-curricular, community and public events, classes and projects. As a result, we are delighted that we have a fantastic relationship with the village and a number of community groups and organisations.

We want to give our pupils the best education they can get, to set them on the right tracks for the rest of their lives, and our track record speaks for itself. We have been rated good by Ofsted, and our results show that we always help our pupils achieve all that they can, and provide excellent added value. We will work together to create a safe, caring, stimulating and motivating environment where every child is encouraged and supported to succeed and reach their full potential, both academically, creatively and personally, enabling them to become successful citizens of the future.

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Ms Deanna Magill
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Nursery Leader
01946 820402 (Telephone)
01946 823383 (Fax)
Thornhill Nursery Ltd

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Thornhill Nursery Ltd
Thornhill Primary School
Ehen Road
CA22 2SJ

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The aim of our school is to provide a broad and well-balanced curriculum for all the children in our care. Using the National Curriculum as our starting point we plan to meet the specific needs of each child, setting appropriate learning challenges, and responding to the diverse needs of the children.

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Contact Name
Mrs Wendy Figes (Head & SENCo)
Contact Telephone
01946 820402
Contact Email
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Thornhill Primary School - Prospectus - School SEN Policy
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Address: Thornhill Primary School  Ehen Road  Thornhill  Egremont  Cumbria

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