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Our nursery is open during term time each weekday morning from 9am – 12am, with an optional Lunch Club from 12 – 1pm. Playtime is at 10.30am. Nursery children can join the rest of the children in buying a healthy snack from the kitchen, Toast, biscuits, crackers and fruit juice are available. If your child needs to take medication, staff will be happy to administer as required. Children suffering from an infectious illness should be kept at home.

Regular inspections of the Nursery and all equipment are made to ensure that they meet health and safety regulations. We actively encourage parents to become involved in the Nursery and new children are encouraged to visit the Nursery with their parents before starting.

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Mrs Lynn Harrison
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01697 72913 (Telephone)
Irthington Village School Nursery Class

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Irthington Village School Nursery Class

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Children of all abilities are welcomed at Irthington. All pupils are taught as individuals and their personal achievements recognised. An important part of the school’s philosophy is the creation of an atmosphere where all individuals are valued and appreciated whatever their individual differences.

All children have an entitlement of access to the National Curriculum. Certain children may be exceptionally talented in some way and need greater depth and stimulation in their teaching. Other children may experience some form of difficulty within their learning, beyond that of other children of the same age. If we have any concerns about a child our first contact will be with his or her parents. When necessary the school is able to involve various outside agencies to support and advice on the individual needs of a certain pupil.

The school’s special needs policy is available in school on request. Your child may have problems at home, which you may think we need to know about. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact Name
Mrs Lynn Harrison (Head & SENCo)
Contact Telephone
01697 72913
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Address: Irthington  Carlisle  Cumbria

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