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Everyone remembers his or her years at Primary School; here at Ghyllside we aim to make sure that those memories are happy ones. Starting school or moving to join a new school is an exciting and sometimes worrying time for parents and children alike. Here at Ghyllside we will ensure as smooth a transition as possible, whether you are joining us in Nursery, Reception or further up the school.

A child’s primary education is of the greatest importance. The start they get in life is a key to their future success and happiness. At Ghyllside we work in partnership with parents and children to ensure the best possible start in life for all in our care.

This idea of working together in a partnership is central to our philosophy at Ghyllside. If you or your child is not happy about something, come and see us as soon as you can, not only will we listen but we will do our best to resolve the issue. As in any walk of life, we occasionally make mistakes and are always striving to improve the quality of education we provide. Similarly if something is going well or you have an idea, or something to offer the school, come and talk to us, the door is always open.

Confidence in a school comes from knowing and understanding what is happening within it. We will provide a full and challenging school life for your child but never underestimate how important your role is. Support, encouragement, enthusiasm and an interest in what your child is doing in school will all help to foster a positive approach to school from your child.

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Marie-Anne Williamson
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Nursery Teacher & Deputy Headteacher Lower School
01539 814930 (Phone)
01539 814931 (Fax)
Ghyllside Primary School Academy Nursery Class

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Ghyllside Primary School Academy Nursery Class

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The aim of our school is to provide a broad and well-balanced curriculum for all the children in our care. Using the National Curriculum as our starting point we plan to meet the specific needs of each child, setting appropriate learning challenges, and responding to the diverse needs of the children.

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Contact Name
Emily Garbutt (SENCo)
Contact Telephone
01539 814930
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