St Bede's Catholic Primary School Nursery Class

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St. Bede’s is a happy, healthy and caring school – a school in which all individuals are valued and respected; a school that encourages everybody to reach their full potential in whatever they attempt and to become responsible citizens in the future.  A school where Jesus Christ is at the centre of all that we do and say.  We want all our children to feel safe and secure and know how to cope with success and failure also that they develop into fully rounded people.

To create a happy, secure and Christian atmosphere in which children are safe and encouraged to be healthy, to achieve and make a positive contribution and can grow and develop physically, intellectually, spiritually and morally.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Miss Weatherill
Contact Position
Nursery Teacher
01228 528274
St Bede's Catholic Primary School Nursery Class

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St Bede's Catholic Primary School Nursery Class
Strathclyde Avenue

Local Offer

Local Offer Description

In a Roman Catholic school it would be very strange indeed if we did not show extreme care for those who have problems, who are weak or who need special treatment.  We employ an extra member of staff for three days a week and all of this time is used by her to manage Special Needs and to help children with literacy, numeracy and emotional problems. This situation is obviously dependent on funding being available.  We also have a TLR (Teaching and Learning Responsibility post) for Gifted and Talented and Assessment.

Contact Name
Mrs Gail Johnson (SENCo)
Contact Telephone
01228 528274
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St Bede's Catholic Primary School - Local Offer
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Address: Strathclyde Avenue  Carlisle  Cumbria

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