Designated Clinical Officer

In Cumbria this role sits within Cumbria Partership Foundation Trust and is in line with the Code of Practice (June 2014) which provides statutory guidance on duties, policies and procedures relating to Part 3 of the Children and Families Act 2014.

The role of the Designated Clinical Officer is to:

  • act as a point of contact for Local Authorities, schools and colleges when notifying parents and local authorities about children and young people they believe have, or may have, special educational needs or a disability, and when seeking advice on special educational needs or disabilities;
  • act as point of contact for Local Authorities, schools and colleges seeking health advice;
  • supporting schools with their duties to pupils with medical conditions;
  • ensuring that assessments, planning and health support is carried out as agreed by the relevant Health Care Professional within the Clinical Commissioning Group.

Contact Details:

Alex Nancollis Disignated Clinical Officer
Email: Tel: 07795258707

Kate Green Senior Administrator DCO
Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
EHCP Adminstrator Team
Children & Families Care Group
Maglona House
68 Kingstown Broadway
Email: Tel: 01228 608062

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