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Home From Home Care is a family-led company which provides specialist residential service for adults (17+) with complex needs, including Autism, Epilepsy, Cerebral Palsy, PMLD, Sensory Impairment and associated health & mental health issues. Being parent-led, our main ethos is to promote independent living as much as possible by empowering individuals to lead fulfilled, happy and active lives. We are renowned for offering a high quality service which puts the people we support at the heart of what we do.


Created by Parents…



The service was created by parents, Paul and Ann de Savary, after they were unable to find an adult placement for their daughter Laura when she finished at a specialist college. They looked at 20+ care homes all across the country and none could live up to their expectations as parents for nice homely environments which put the needs and wants of Laura first, or support her to live as independent and active life as they believe Laura deserves. Paul and Ann, along with their eldest son Hugo, are completely involved in every aspect of the company, as their daughter lives in one of their micro-communities, along with children of other parents who they have a responsibility to provide the highest possible care they can. They have now opened 5 micro-community settings (of multiple different housing solutions on one site to create a dynamic environment which suits differing needs) and support 75+ individuals who are funded with us from 37 Local Authorities. This is an incredible achievement, which is a testament to the drive and passion of the family.

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Ann de Savary
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Parent Liason/Co founder
01749 676724

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Placements are all based on an assessment


We have designed Micro Communities, which are our residential model for achieving person centred care and support for increasingly complex individuals. It focuses on; compatibility of each individual within the Micro Community, personalisation of the environment, caring support through a discrete critical mass of on-site staffing necessary to deliver effective person centred care, staffing compatibility whereby individuals and staff are matched together which requires a critical mass of staffing with its inherent flexibility, and community participation where each person successfully accesses the wider community with the focus on measurable outcomes.


Our Micro Communities are a non-institutional pathway for a variety of individuals with learning disabilities. Typically seventeen individuals with varying levels of needs and different diagnosis may live in the Micro Community, reflecting the diversity of the wider community. On one Micro Community there may be 3 registered services, which include different sized properties carefully selected to suit each person’s needs. We place Core Teams around each person to support their individual needs, as well as encourage integration with their peers within the Micro Community and enable each person to access the wider community on their own terms.



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