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Children are at the centre of our educational philosophy - all our policies are developed for their ultimate benefit, and not ours. The result is an effective learning environment in which your child will wholesomely flourish.

As a small village school, we have a family atmosphere where all our children are known to us as individuals. This allows for close monitoring, support and guidance and will ensure effective development, both academically and socially, throughout your child's early and most formative years. For example, your child will have a work portfolio which is continually monitored and assessed by his or her teacher; and at key stage 2 will also have "targets" in which, in consultation with his or her teacher, termly tar-gets for social and/or academic improvements are set.

We believe learning should be fun and that your child should want to come to school. We will aim to ensure that he or she will take pride in their work and will develop their confidence to ask questions and strive for further information to complete their knowledge.

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Mrs Rachel Smith
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017683 61397 
017683 61397 
Long Marton Community Primary School

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Long Marton Community Primary School
Long Marton
CA16 6BT

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Long Marton School provides a broad and balanced curriculum for all children, which is differentiated to meet individual needs and abilities. Children may have SEN throughout or at anytime during their school career. 

This policy ensures that curriculum planning and assessment takes account of the type and extent of the need of the pupils, whether for learning difficulties, behavioural problems, physical disability or ‘gifted & talented’ children. In their planning teachers take into account pupils’ special educational needs and the provision made therefore enables them to participate effectively in all curriculum and assessment activities, in addition to broader aspects of school life.

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Helen Dixon (SENCO)
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017683 61397
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