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Wings School provides something very special through the quality of its teaching and care. Our employees are already highly experienced and skilful in working with young people with emotional and behavioural difficulties and are committed to keeping up with best professional practice.

We manage behaviour in a way that is consistent, supportive and positive, enabling our young people to develop self-awareness and self-management, rather than relying on external controls. We give them new ways of thinking about themselves, their feelings and their relationships that make them happier and more relaxed. We help them to recognise how the way they think or act can cause problems for themselves or others and to learn different ways of handling those situations.

Wings School pays special attention to anything that helps young people learn better in class. It takes the results of research into the way people learn and deliberately arranges its teaching styles and classroom environment to make the most of this information. This includes ways of catching and keeping attention, ways of helping people to understand and remember what they learn and ways of making them truly active learners who can think for themselves and have confidence in their abilities.

It shares these insights with the pupils and helps them to be independent and self-sufficient so that they can continue their education as far as they wish with positive attitudes and skills. Wings also makes a special point of providing each child with a wide variety of new experiences and then helping those who discover a particular talent or interest to develop it.

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Mr Donagh McKillop
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01539 562006 (Telephone)
01539 564811 (Fax)
Wings School (Cumbria)

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Wings School (Cumbria)

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The aim of our school is to provide a broad and well-balanced curriculum for all the children in our care. Using the National Curriculum as our starting point we plan to meet the specific needs of each child, setting appropriate learning challenges, and responding to the diverse needs of the children.

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Mrs Tracey Vickers (SENCO)
Contact Telephone
01539 562006
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Wings School - SEND Local Offers (Cumbria & Notts.)
Wings School - Special Educational Needs policy
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Address: Whassett  Milnthorpe   Cumbria

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