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Open term time Monday to Friday 8.45am until 3.30pm

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Here at Tebay, we have high expectations of our children from the moment they enter the school and become part of our community. Whilst we celebrate success and milestones along our children’s learning journey our vision is to look beyond barriers to learning and achievement in order to enable our pupils to make above expected progress.  It is our expectation to take our children beyond a glass ceiling. We strive and work together to enable our children to be responsible, creative, ambitious, develop a love of learning and ultimately prepare them with the skills they will need in life to communicate and work collaboratively with others.

We encourage children to do their best in everything they do and show them how they can push the boundaries and strive for excellence. To achieve this great care is taken in planning all lessons to provide work that challenges, stretches and excites pupils on a daily basis. We target their logical thinking, encourage problem solving and develop higher order thinking skills.

We offer extracurricular opportunities wherever we can, including partnerships with local secondary schools and other professionals to enhance our gifted and talented provision. Inclusion is at the heart of everything we do at Tebay Primary School. We ensure that all pupils, irrespective of ability are able to participate and that each has work carefully matched to their abilities.

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Mrs Alexandra Beardmore
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015396 24239 
Tebay Community Primary School

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Tebay Community Primary School
CA10 3XB

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Open term time Monday to Friday 8.45am until 3.30pm
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Wrap Around care is also available during term time
contact the school for details and cost.

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Tebay is a school which works alongside families and the community to develop confident, enthusiastic and happy learners. It provides a stimulating curriculum and seeks to motivate children to achieve their best. It aims to equip everyone with the skills necessary for success in their future school lives and in life beyond school. All children will be taught in their class groups whenever possible and only withdrawn when appropriate. The majority of children will have their needs met through normal classroom provision and appropriate differentiation.

Contact Name
Mrs Alexandra Beardmore (Head & SENCo)
Contact Telephone
01539 624239
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Tebay Community Primary School - SEND
Tebay Community Primary School - SEND Policy 2014/2015
Tebay Community Primary School - Local Offer
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