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St Bridget’s school is a Church of England primary school situated in the West Cumbrian village of Brigham, lying just outside the Lake District National Park. Brigham is a lovely village with lots of history, with a mix of old and new houses, of both privately owned and rented accommodation and a vibrant village community. St Bridget’s school is an important part of this community as well as the parish of Brigham.

St. Bridget’s School is a happy school which values every child placed in its care. Happy children learn effectively, we try to ensure that they enter school each day with a smiley face, to set the scene for the rest of the day. Children are welcomed into the school and every effort is made to help them to settle in and feel secure in our ‘community’. The essence of our values and ethos is that every child is valued as an individual, and will continue to be throughout their years with us. We seek to teach the ‘whole child’, not just their academic potential, although this is a major element of our success.

Employees at the school are committed to this philosophy. We work together as a ‘team’ in the true sense of the word; this is one of our principal strengths. We respect and value each other, a trait we seek to pass on to the children.  Our recent Church Inspection stated ‘The atmosphere of mutual trust and understanding between pupils and staff has a positive impact on children’s learning and behaviour in school.  The inclusive nature of the school enables everyone to flourish’.

The school values its relationships with parents and your views and involvement are an important part of school life. We welcome parents into school openly, and many opportunities exist for them to assist in the classroom and on school trips, join us in assemblies, and meet with staff at open evenings and other school events. The village of Brigham is a healthy community, where residents meet on a daily basis; the school is very much a part of this community.

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Mrs Lisa Hemingway
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01900 825689 (Phone)
01900 821592 (Fax)
St Bridget's CofE School - Cockermouth

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St Bridget's CofE School - Cockermouth
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If your child has special educational needs then their class teacher and the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) will plan their individual education programme (IEP). The teacher will be responsible for assessing your child and reporting progress in order to plan next steps along with the SENCo in a review meeting. The class teacher will report the progress your child is making to the head teacher in pupil performance review meetings every term. You as parents/carers will be informed of this every step of the way.

Contact Name
Mrs Alice Steele (SENCo)
Contact Telephone
01900 825689
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St Bridget's CofE Primary School (Cockermouth) - SENS - Local Offer Page
St Bridget's CofE Primary School (Cockermouth) - SENS - Local Offer Doc
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