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Police - Safer Schools Partnership

Safer School Based Officers The Safer School Partnership (SSP) programme was launched in September 2002 after a proposal from the Youth Justice Board (YJB) for a new policing model for schools. Under the SSP there are now several police officers based in schools throughout the county who aim to reduce the levels of anti-social behaviour and crime, both by and against young people.

Focusing on early intervention and prevention, they work with school staff and other local agencies to:

  • Reduce victimisation, criminality and anti-social behaviour within the school and community
  • Work with schools on whole-school approaches to behaviour and discipline
  • Identify and work with children and young people at risk of becoming victims of offenders
  • Support vulnerable children and young people through periods of transition, such as the move from primary to secondary school
  • Create a safer environment for children to learn in Safer School Partnerships encourage the police, children and young people to build good relationship, trust and mutual respect. Schools Liaison Officers The role of the Schools Liaison Officer (SLO) was implemented into the Constabulary in April 2002. The aim is to work closely with schools, staff and pupils in order to support them within the school and local community. They also hold close relationships with many other agencies in an attempt to promote positive relationships between the schools and Police Service. All of Cheshire Police’s School Liaison Officers are experienced officers who have been handpicked for the role because of their vast knowledge of the community. Although their role has many facets the main focus is delivering talks and interactive session within schools based on the national curriculum PSHE and Citizenship lessons, in an attempt to provide the students with the confidence and knowledge needed to never become victims or offenders of crime.

Topics they cover:

  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Alcohol
  • Bullying
  •  Citizenship
  • Driver awareness
  • Drugs
  • Internet Safety
  • Law and order
  • Personal safety
  • Weapons and knife crime

Who to contact

01606 364565/101/ 999 In An Emergency

Where to go

Communities Unit, Cheshire Constabulary
Clemonds Hey

Time / Date Details

When is it on
Monday - Friday 8.00 am - 5.00 pm

Local Offer

Local Offer Age Bands
Secondary 11 - 16 years
Primary 4 - 11 years


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