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Birch Hill Folk Group

A great way to enjoy a good helping of live music. You may play an instrument, sing or just want to come along to enjoy the music.

We are basically a ceilidh group, playing folk tunes and instrumental versions of folk songs, using as our set book 'The Paul Hardy Session Tune  Book'.

At the moment we comprise two flute players, one fiddle player, two guitarists, two melodion players, and three concertina players. We work mostly from the music as written in the PH book, but often make changes, and include other pieces. We normally play from the written music (almost always in the standard folk keys of G and D and their related minors).but it is perfectly reasonable to play by ear once one has grasped the relatively simple tune. The rhythm players follow the usual guitar chord symbols.

We’ve been in existence now for about three years, using a straight instrumental template, where the whole group take part in all the  pieces played. Having said that, our musical leader is anxious to vary this to include singing, and to  use duos and trios for some numbers. The majority of us are of a certain age (say late thirties to early fifties) but  there are three of us of a slightly more advanced age. 

We welcome interest from anyone with similar musical inclinations, and at least basic skills with any acoustic instrument (we have no facilities for electrical amplification).

Who to contact

Contact Name
John Crinnion
01344 626153

Where to go

Birch Hill Community Centre
RG12 7WW
Last Update: 23/07/2019

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