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Hunt, Lisa Krista

Opening times are flexible so please contact provider.

I have been working with and around children all my adult life. I am a qualified nanny with 10 years experience in that field. Prior to that I was a Manager in toy retail where I received and implemented ongoing training into the area of child development and the importance of play.

I have excellent references. 

Who to contact

Contact Name
Lisa Hunt
Contact Position
Child minder
01344 530086

Where to go


I have a lovely home with a well equipped playroom. I can provide fantastic references and Good Ofsted reports.

children always thrive in my setting and are made to feel extremely welcome. we have fun while encompassing the seven areas of learning. I have plenty of space in and outside fir children to play. 

I enjoy what I do very much. 

Please feel free to call for more information. 

Other Details


Table of costs
Table of costs
AmountCost Type
£5.00 Per Hour
Sibling discount is available depending on hours worked and frequency of sessions.

Inclusion Information

Wheelchair Access

Has Provision

Special Needs

Has Provision

Dietary Needs

Has Provision
I will ensure any allergens are not present if necessary.

Childcare Information

Funded Places

Offers 2 year funded places
Offers 3 & 4 years (15 hrs) funded places
Offers 3 & 4 years (30 hrs) funded places


Range of vacancies
Age rangePlaces
0 – 11 Months None
1 – 4 Years Part time place available.
4 – 8 Years None
Part time place available, term time only. Happy to provide occasional care.
Date updated

Opening Times & Facilities

Opening Times
Opening Times
DayOpening TimeClosing Time
Monday 07.30 17:30
Tuesday 07.30 17:30
Wednesday 07.30 17:30
Friday 07.30 3.00
no smoking household, Climbing Frame, Colouring, Have a car, Computer, Visits & Outings, Children work to the early years foundation stage, Cinema, Very homely setting, Secure Garden, Visits To The Lookout, Homework area, Walks, Constructive Play, Cookery, Outside Play, Computer Learning/video games, Conservatory as Playroom, Visits To The Library, Jo Jingles, Co-opertative games, Woodland walk, Painting, Crafts, Songs & Rhymes, Park visits, Access to public library, Picnics, Arts & Crafts, Dedicated Playroom, DVD, Baby Toys, Educational games & activities, Learning through play, Enclosed Garden, Baby changing, Play Room, Dressing up, Tents and tunnels, Bedroom cots, Library Visits, Puzzles, Board Games, Lego building, Leisure Centre Visits, Lending Library & Videos, Refreshments, Toys & equipment, Messy play, Games, Local Park, Book Corner, Quiet Room, Books, Local visits & outings, Free Play, Bottle Warming Facilities, Quiet time, Freeplay Toys, Lunch, Toys, Music & Movement, Garden Play, planting and watching plants grow., TV/DVD, garden toys, TV/Video, Changing facilities, Role Play, Safe enclosed play area, Garden & apparatus/toys, Safe Play, Garden Apparatus, Garden Play, Cat

School Pickups

Offers pickups
School Pickup
School Pickup
Warfield CofE Primary School
Any Local Playgroup/Pre-school
I will drop off and collect to my local primary School and Nurseries. I have parking for parents to drop to me.

Ofsted Information

Ofsted URN
Link to latest ofsted inspection report 
Inspection history
Inspection History
Inspection DateInspection typeInspection Outcome
22/05/2012Inspection (Early Years Register)Good
07/11/2013Inspection (Early Years Register)Requires Improvement
09/06/2016Re-inspection (Early Years Register)Good
15/10/2018Inspection (Early Years Register)Requires Improvement
04/06/2019Re-inspection (Early Years Register)Good

Local Offer

Local Offer Record
Local Offer Age Bands
Early Years (0-4 years)
Primary (4-10 years)
Junior (7-11 years)
Local Offer Description

I work from home, I have a large playroom, I also use my lounge, dining area, and downstairs toilet for work. 

I have a front step and steps to the rear garden which I also use.

I am open from 7.30 to 5.30, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday term time only.

At present, September 2018,  I do not have any spaces available. 

I live in a small enclosed cul de sac of eight houses, near the local Primary School.

My aim is to provide a "Home from Home" enviroment for all the children in my care. As I am currently caring for one of my neices, all the children have begun referring to me as Aunty Lisa. The parents I deal with are very happy with this as the children really do feel welcomed and I work extremely hard to encompass all their individual needs.

1: How does the setting identify children with additional needs or SEND?

Prior to starting any new child I request some information from the parents in order to form a basis from which I will monitor your childs personal development and complete their Learning Journey. I will do this through discussions with parents and the completion of a form called "All about me"

I do regular Observations, generally one for every five days of attendance. I also jot down notes as appopriate. I conduct two year observation checks and reviews three times a year at the end of each School term. At the end of each review I agree with the parents what the next steps are for their child, we discuss what can be achieved at home, Nursery and here with me. I am always available to discuss your childs progress or can arrange a more private meeting. 

If your child attends another setting, Nursery School or is involved  with any other proffesionals I will seek your written permission to share any information. This can be done verbally, or through a written observation or review.

I use the EYFS Learning Statements to establish where a child is with their Developmental milestones and this helps me to identify which steps I need to focus on next.

2: How will I be informed / consulted about the ways in which my child is being supported?

Each childs Development folder ( or Learning Journey) consists of,

1 All about me forms

2 Learning Statements, which are colour coded for each term.

3 Observations, detailed and post it notes

4 Some examples of work and photographs.

5 Termly reviews with an action plan.

Parents can read this at any time or take home. In order to protect confidentiality I keep these in a locked file. Or I am happy to answer any questions in person, text, messanger, e mail or telephone me. I keep parents informed of their Childs progress and request they do the same with me.

I do not complete daily Diaries unless you request me too as I give verbal feedback every day. 

I prefer to keep parents informed of Policy changes and other news or relevant information as it occurs, rather than send out a Newsletter so I can ensure the information is recieved and understood.

If necessary i will share information with other settings and proffesionals once i have permission to do so. in some cases a personal care plan may be in use and will be updated accordingly.

I believe in building good relationships with parents, this is essential if I am to provide each child with the best possible care.

3: How will the setting adapt the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum for my child's needs?

As each child is unique with different needs and abilities I adapt and vary the activities to allow them to reach all the required development goals. Most children benefit from being set achievable targets. As I get to know a child I can gaugue the best methods of encouraging them to learn and develop through play. I am aware of the requirements under EYFS 2014 and I use this in my planning to ensure I am meeting each childs needs.

Some children benefit from a one to one approach, others are more motivated through peer group support. A select few enjoy competition and rivalry. I will get to know your child and take any advice from you as how to move forward with them. My activities are mostly child led as this encourages and promotes development.

4: What teaching strategies does the setting use for children with additional needs or learning difficulties?

I have very little experience in dealing with children with Special Needs.I have not had any formal training and I do not have any specialist Equipment. I understand that all children are unique and that activities may need to be adapted to suit an individual. If I were to welcome a child here with Special needs I would be prepared to buy the necessary resources and undergo the relevant training. I would seek advice from my local Council, Ofsted and the Early Years support team. 

5: What additional support does the setting provide for children with additional needs or SEND?

I know who I can go to for specialist support as I have not had any specialist training and I do not have any specialist equipment. I have had very little experience as I have not looked after children here with special needs. 

I have risk assessments in place which ensure I am taking all the necessary precautions for the children currently in my care. I would re visit these if required. 

I have policies which are relevant to all children and toys, books and puzzles to promote inclusion.

6: How will the setting monitor my child's progress and how will I be involved in this?

I always keep parents informed of their childs progress. Some information needs to shared on a daily basis but I do conduct reviews with parents at the end of each term. I also complete the Two year old check.

Depending on each situation I may have meetings with other providers and settings in order to accertain the best information for the parents. I only share information that is relevant to the childs care and only when i have permision to do so.

I record each childs development in their learning journey using the Learning statements for EYFS. Then I can plan activities accordingly

7: How do you ensure children with additional needs or SEND can be included in the same activities as other children, including trips?

I am aware of the Equality Act and my policies demonstrate my understanding of it.

I risk assess all outings, on some occasions it may be necessary to visit a location prior to taking children there, I have done this on a few occasions to make sure they are suitable. Also my mother is my registered helper and I have asked her to accompany me when Safeguarding becomes a concern  due to the number of children I have.

8: How accessible is the building for children with mobility difficulties / wheelchair users?

This home is not suitable for use for a child in a wheelchair. I do not have ramps, wide doorways, handrails, my downstairs toilet is not suitable, neither is my garden accessable. Unfortunetly  I am unable to make suitable adjustments in line with the Equality Act. I would be willing to do so but I do not have permission to make such changes from the owner.

9: How will you support my child's transition to a new setting or school?

I will support your childs transition to a new setting or School by accompanying them on visits, meeting with their new keyworker and offering to pass on their Learning Journey.

I have in the past made home visits prior to starting a new child as it helps to understand their support network. I am happy to liase with other proffesionals and share relevant information such as the "All about me" form.

I have some books about Starting School to read to the children and I will work hard to ensure that we overcome any anxieties felt by the child or their parents. Taking photographs of a new setting may help and if I am allowed to do this I will be happy to do that.

10: How does the setting assess the overall effectiveness of its SEN provision and how can parents / carers take part in this evaluation?

I have a feedback review form which I give to my parents twice a year. I welcome opinions and constructive critiscism. While discussing a childs progress I am open to feedback from other proffesionals.

As I use the Learning statements for EYFS to track each childs progress I am able to monitor the effectiveness of my setting.

11: Who should I contact if I am considering registering for a place at the setting?

Please contact me for more information on current availability. I will be happy to meet with parents to discuss the suitability of my provision.

12: What arrangements does the setting have for feedback from parents / carers, including compliments and complaints?

I have a comments and compliments book that parents are welcome to add to, or just read. I also have feedback forms for parents which I ask to be completed evey six months. These are two of the ways parents can give me feedback. I also appreciate verbal feedback or if its more convenient I am happy to respond to texts or e mails.

I keep all my references for parents to read and I usually include at least four in my parent pack together with copies of my policies. I also keep copies of Thank you cards in my comments book.

I display a copy of the Parent poster which gives details on how a parent can give feedback to Ofsted regarding my setting.

Last updated: 15/06/2019

Last Update: 27/06/2019

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