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Staying safe

Every adult living in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham has the right to live in safety, free from fear of abuse or neglect.


There are number of ways that we can support you to stay safe.

  • Staying safe if someone is hurting you
    Whether you call the police or come to us, it is important you know that help is available.
  • What is abuse
    There are many forms of abuse. Here are some of the behaviours that are identified as abuse.
  • Safeguarding Adults Board
    What is the Safeguarding Adults Board and how does it work? Tools, training and resources for professionals to support vulnerable adults.
  • Domestic violence
    Please be aware of what domestic abuse is and be sure you could recognise it in your partner’s behaviour, your own behaviour, or the behaviour of people you know.
  • Hate crime and hate crime reporting
    Hate crimes are incidents where the victim believes that they have been targeted because of their perceived race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, gender or age.
  • Crime prevention
    There are number of ways that we can support you to stay safe with information on how to keep safe in both your home and when out and about in the community.
  • Fire safety at home
    You are more likely to be at risk from a fire in the home if you are elderly or have a disability. This is because you may find it more difficult to react quickly, and probably spend more time indoors. You can request a free home fire safety visit to make sure your home is safe.
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