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Health and wellbeing

This section of the website gives more information about your health, mental health and dementia including how to stop smoking and improving your health

Recovery from illness and help after leaving hospital.

Health conditions and services, including continuing healthcare, end of life care and health services in the Borough. 

Dementia and caring for someone with dementia.

Mental health, your mental health and wellbeing is as important as your physical wellbeing. Help, support and information is available.

Drugs and alcohol abuse, useful information about the advice, help and treatment available locally for people affected, friends and carers.

Emotional support. We all have times in our lives where we can use someone to support us emotionally, here are local and national services.

Help to stop smoking. Giving up smoking can be a real challenge but it will improve you and your family’s health. Here are some great services to help you.

HIV and AIDS information for local and national services.

Healthy living, advice on how you can live a more healthy lifestyle

You can also search for GPs, dentists, pharmacists and other health services near you, by typing in your postcode in the box below.

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